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Feeling ( Why do you feel that way? )
Feelings ( Why do you feel that way? )
Animals and kids here show various expression.
What kind of feelings are they showing? Why do they feel so?
You can play with your kids, making stories, playing a simple card matching game, etc.

Let's introduce your friends!
Let's introduce your friends!
You can use these cards as Friends of your students to practice introducing someone. Have kids chose one card, then let them introduce their friends. I put information about their names, ages, nationalities,preferences and other things on these cards so that you can use them easily. If you want to use your own ideas or make the cards match your student's abilities, chose "without text"
Life of the game
Life of the game How to play  Cards without price
Like the popular boardgame "The Game of Life!, this can be played on a board. Kids can learn a lot of words such as occupations, daily necessities, clothes, vehicles, places, and contries, By playing it repeatedly, Your students or kids are can familiarize themselves these words during playtime.
Make a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line to get a bingo! or you can make up some rules as you like...!
Alphabet sugoroku
Alphabet Sugoroku  How to play
This is a board game that helps kids learn the letters of the alphabet. You can see how to play the game on the next page.
If your student knows all the letters already, you can start from the next step. I think you have haeard of or been playing "Making words" in your lesson plans. It is played simply with alphabet cards. The idea here is a fun version of that. If you are interested in other way, enter the "How to play"section.

What time do you...?
What time do you....?
A word by itself is not so useful. Kids need to learn phrases. This can help your students get used to some phrases of their daily routine and things they do !
Halloween costumes
Holloween costumes

Find alphabet
Capital letters  Small letters
I played this game with a handwritten version of this sheet before making this, And kids say "This isn't 'I' ! The horizontal line of this 'I' is too long. I don't think this is same 'I' I've learned!!!"
so To avoid their quibbling, I made it with the PC!
please enter
"How to play"
Dice patterns
Dice patterns
You can downloard 10 different versions of dice-patterns here.

Alphabet cards
L-sized cards Capital letter  Small letter
S-sized cards Capital letter  Small letter
( You can print 4letters out at a time)
How do you introduce the letters of the alphabet? You may find it difficult to motivate your small students to learn letters. The letters coloured only black seem no fun for kids. If you have been thinking about a way to make your lesson more fun, there is a solution here.. Each letter has pictures illustrating the letters. Whether the letters are capital or not, they have the same pictures so that it is easy to make some game rules with these cards!!!
Hope your kids start to love letters.......
What time is it?
What time is it?
Here are some pictures of times expressed with clocks and numbers. Since they are paired, you can use them in matching games or something. If you want to use the base clock without hands, see "without hands" and if you need a bigger picture, go to "Big clock".
Dress-up dolls
Dress-up dolls

Knowing a lot of shapes makes your kids and your lessons different. 16-shapes are introduced in this section. once the kids know how to say these shapes, You will realize the recognition is very useful in your lesson as much as the recognition of colours. For Example, Drawing picture or searching for the shapes in some objects or things around the room. All shapes can be found around you! Sorry for writing too much. I know you have a lot of imagination. So I would appreciate your ideas any time. I will be waiting for you on the bulletin board or via E-mail...!
L-sized cards S-sized cards

Card game
Your kids can learn about how to describe bodies with words such as small, big, tall, fat, thin,,,,,,with this card game. Each animal has a number of its power. Deal the cards first to every player Then, Each puts a card face up on the table one at a time, and see which of the numbers is the biggest. Give all the cards to the owner of that card. Continue to do this untill all the cards are shown. As you may realize, whoever the most cards is the winner.
This is only some basic rules, I hope you will share different ideas
L-size S-size

Arrang the furniture in the rooms
A completed sample

The Flags of several nations
Large  Small
Flags of 16 nation cars are available here.




Sea creatures 
Sea creatures_Character

Copyright© English materials+Illustrations+Games.
All Rights Reserved
All rights reserved. It is prohibited to use these materials for profit.They should be used only when teaching English. or play with your kids. If you want tu use the materials for any other purpose, Let me know.

Preposition cards
These my preposition cards, Since the pictures on these cards seem unusual, It makes it easier for the kids to remember how to use prepositions. You can find on/in/under/next to/beside/above/between in this section!
Black and white

Prep. cards

Prep. cards

Place Flags
Place the flags on the world map!
Place flags

Flags board game
These are good for the students learning national flags.
Flags board game

Question cards
You may introduce a lot of sentences. Small kids repeat and mimic them easily, but also have a tendency to forget them more easily. These are basic questions that you may introduce in your lessons. Have kids draw one card facing down and answer it. Using them at every oppotunity makes kids respond to them quickly!
q, cards(Step1)

Card matching
You can play a card matching game or something withe these cards. I put illustration cards and word cards for learning vegetables. The way you use them depends on the player's level. You can try picture-picture, picture-word, or word-word matching!
Vegetables cards

Secret code
What is hiding? Let's decipher the secret code using the hints inside the orange rectangle. 4Sheets are available to download, the versions are animals. vegetables, family, and insects. You can also make your own secret code sheets using those down there. The last sheet is for you if your student is not Japanese. Because othert than the last one, thetitles are written in Japanese.
Secret code

Vegetables board game
I think you can understand without an explanation. If you don't understand how to use these materials,please refer to "Flags board game"
It is the same as this game.
For using in a English lesson, have kids make a sentence using the vegetables they land on, or You can make the sentence that kids follow in order to make it easier.
Vegetables board game

I think it can be used only English-Japanese. still printable here.

Alphabet Pazzle
This is a snake shaped jigsaw puzzle for learning letters. Although you can print and use it with normal paper, glueing these parts to magnet sheets and cuting them out would be the better way
snake pazzle