Feelings ( Why do you feel that way? )
Animals and kids here show various expression.
What kind of feelings are they showing? Why do they feel so?
You can play with your kids, making stories, playing a simple card matching game, etc.
My 3-year-girl likes to play matching games with these cards. So I recommend printing out 2 of each card. Then you can download 17 different pictures and stories here !

Each creature looks like it is feeling something.. Excited, scared, or disappointed,,,, I start with learning the name of the animals, and How are they feeling, then making the stories. For example Why are they feeling such and such a way or reading the card with the help of exaggerated gestures.

Just for your information,
My 3-year-kid likes me to read whole text even if she can't understand the words except the name of the animals. I think she enjoys my small performance and she like mimicking them.

I put large sized circle cards in the other section. This shape seems more fun for small kids. Please go there if you are interested in them.

I am Planning to update a version of the cards without text as soon as possible. You can fill in the blanks with original stories. I hope you and your kids like the cards.....!

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Feeling card