alphabet card

How do you introduce the letters of the alphabet? You may find it difficult to motivate your small students to learn letters. The letters coloured only black seem no fun for kids. If you have been thinking about a way to make your lesson more fun, there is a solution here.. Each letter has pictures illustrating the letters. Whether the letters are capital or not, they have the same pictures so that it is easy to make some game rules with these cards!!!
Hope your kids start to love letters.......

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A card
B card
C card
D card
E card
F card
G card
H card
I card
J card
K card
L card
M card
N card
O card
P card
Q card
R card
S card
T card
U card
V card
W card
X card
Y card
Z card


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There is a tip for you on how many of the cards you shoul print out. since oneway to play this game is to make words with alphabet cards, I recommend that you make many more of the e,t,a,o,I, n, s,r,h cards than the other cards, since these letter are used in a lot of words.

plus, give players these cards first, then start the game in a better way. These letter can be helpful for making many words!

Alphabet Sugoroku