Prep. cards,

How to play

Because these sitiation are unreal, It is better to introduce prepositions themselves using the things around you. Then, talk about the picture cards.

1, You can play "card taking game" which is the simplest game, with these cards.
ex. With the "She is under the unicorn" card, You should watch your student carefully when he or she start searching for the card. If it starts with "unicorn", she or he may only know the noun. Use it repeatedly untill the student starts looking for the preposition.

2. For card matching game, I made a boy and a girl card paired. The same preposition is a pair.

3. With more than three players, one student can be a reader. It is convenient to use the first twou cards about prepositions-01.
I wrote all sentences on this card. Please give this girl and boy a name!

Prep. cards 01
Prep. cards 02
Prep. cards 03
Prep. cards 04


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