How to play

These are the basic rules that I made, If you want to play it in other way, You can make any rules that you like!

1. Give each player $20.000.

2. Put every player's game pieces on "start". the nchose the educational course or other one. if you take the educational cource, pay &10.000 to the bank.

3. Roll the dice. THe first occupation you land on is your job. Take the card for your occuption.

4. Every player is required to stop on "Stop! Get a job."you must stop no matter what the dice shows. But if the player rolls a 6,and doesn't have a card yet, they must draw from the pile of occupation cards. For the player who doesn't like the occupation he or she landed on, this is another chance, Give back the card and draw another one here.

5. Pay day
Every time each player passes or lands on "Pay day", get the salary the cards indicate.

6. Commodities, Garments
When you land on "shopping(commodities, ro garments)" roll the dice, and take as many areds as shows. Work out the total, pay the amount to the bank and keep the cards you bought.

When all shopping cards are taken, throw the dice and chose from the cards that the other plalyers have placed face down. Draw as many as the dice indicate. Pay double the usual price to the owner of the cards.

7. Go somewhere
Turn over a "go somewhere card", Pay the cost of that, and Put it back in the card deck.

8. Overseas travel
Pick up a national flag card from the pile. Pay the total cost of the travel. Iff you are a family of four, you must pay 4times the price. If you don't have the money, You can't go there. Loans are NOT available for the overseas travels whether you have the already had one or not.
In that case, you are required to take "Japan card"(sorry if you don't teach English in Japan. I'm making this in Japan, so that Japan is the better place to visit when short of money!) and throw the dice, Pay the number you roll*$100.

9. Buy a vhicle
Chose a card from the vehicle-card-pile, and buy that at the price. Borrow for it if you are shot of money.

10. Buy a home
Every player is required to stop to buy a home card here. To avoid all the players going into debt, I recommend mamking a rule that players do not need to pay for the house. Instead,plaers just keep it as an asset which can be added to their money after getting the goal!
Still, you can chose to make the players pay on the spot.

11. Change your career
You can change your job if you want. Put the occupation card back first, then draw a card from the occupation card deck.

12. Tax due
Pay the tax your occupation card says.

13. Have a new-born baby
Take a baby card. The baby is counted as a member of your family.

14. Sell a vehicle
You can sell your vehicle if you want, To decide on the selling price, throw the dice.
For an odd-number, you recieve half the price you paid for it.
For an even-number, you recieve double the price you paid for it.
Take the money for it and put the vehicle card back on the card pile.

15. Stop! Sell your home
Every player has to land on this spot. You can chose to sell your house here or after reaching the goal. If your choice is selling it now, throw the dice and receive the money the "home cards"say.
Each home card has its betting price. You can take a chance. But if your choice is selling it after reaching the goal, You can sell your home at the original price when you get to goal.

16. Goal
Players are to be given prize money on a first-come, first served basis. How much you can get is written on the goal.

17. The player who has the most money is the winner.

Thats it! If you have good ideas for this game, Let me know in a mail or on the bulletin board! I would really appreciate it ,,,,!!!

note: If you don't like these price range, go and use "card without prices".


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