Make a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line to get a bingo...! or you can make up some rule as you like...!

1. The first person who makes three line is the winner!
2. Mark the places whiche players must get, The first player who crosses out the places marked before starting is the winner....!

Below the bingo sheets, there are "Bingo cards". Put these cards in a pile, and take it in turn. While playing the game, I'd like to recommend you to have your students say "Do you have`?" "I have`." It helps your students or kids get used to these sentences.

Bingo (vehicles)
01.Bingo sheet 1
02.Bingo sheet 2

03.Bingo cards

04.Bingo sheet 1 (sweter, skirts,etc.)
05.Bingo sheet 2 (sweter, skirts, etc.)

06.Bingo sheet 1(accessories, pants, etc.)
07.Bingo sheet2 (accessories, pants, etc.)

08.Bingo sheet1(shoes, belt, etc.)
09.Bingo sheet2(shoes, belt, etc.)

10.Bingo sheet1 (cap, gloves, etc.)
11.Bingo sheet2 (cap, gloves. etc.)

12.Bingo card 1
13.Bingo card 2
14.Bingo card 3
15.Bingo card 4
16.Bingo card 5


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Bingo sheet (Families)
17.Bingo sheet 1
18.Bingo sheet 2

19.Bingo card 1

Bingo sheet (Flags)
20, Bingo sheet 1
21. Bingo sheet 2

Go Flag cards section to get the cards for these sheet.

Bingo card (Daily necessities)
22.Bingo sheet 1-1
23.Bingo sheet 1-2

24.Bingo sheet 2-1
25.Bingo sheet 2-2

26.Bingo card 1
27.Bingo card 2
28.Bingo card 3
29.Bingo card 4

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Bingo sheet (occupations)
30.Bingo sheet 1-1
31. Bingo sheet 1-2

32.Bingo sheet 2-1
33.Bingo sheet 2-2

34.Bingo card 1
35.Bingo card 2
36.Bingo card 3