How to play
How to play

★With the board that mixes capital letters and small letters

1. Put every player's marker on "Start".
2. Set a rule like "when a player pass the start***times, the game is over.(I think2or3times would be good.)
3. Throw the dice, and go forward the number of steps the dice show. And take the card of the letter the player lands on.
4 .When a player lands on or pass the goal ***times, the game is finished.
5. You can decide the winner in two ways. Enter the person who passes the start a set number of times first is the winner, or the player with the most matching cards (capital-small letter match ) is the winner.

★Withe the board of only capital letters or only small letters.

1. You can use rules 1-4 above.
5. The player who makes the most words with the cards they have is the winner!

note 1; If you chose this way, deal the players "e,t,a,o,I,n,s,r,h,,,," first can make this game more fun. Without giving these letters, some players might make no words.

note 2; If you feel the alphabet cards are too small, please go to the "Alphabet cards"which is 6 sections below here. you can download usual-sized or bigger cards.

anyway, I would really appreciate it if you share any ideas you have to help the students! I'll be waiting for you on our bulletin board or via E-mail. Thank you.


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L-sized cards Capital letter  Small letter
S-sized cards Capital letter  Small letter
( You can print4 letters out at a time)

How do you introduce the letters of the alphabet? You may find it difficult to motivate your small students to learn letters. The letters coloured only black seem no fun for kids. If you have been thinking about a way to make your lesson more fun, there is a solution here.. Each letter has pictures illustrating the letters. Whether the letters are capital or not, they have the same pictures so that it is easy to make some game rules with these cards!!!
Hope your kids start to love letters.......